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"To do a good job, must first sharpen his apparatus".Company successively introduced:TK6920 type Siemens CNC floor-type milling and boring machine(qi 2 machine tool),North a machine gantry boring and milling machine XA2130 x 100 - a - 4,Milling planer X2020,Digital readout milling and boring machine T6113/2,CW61200/8 lathes,CW61125 heavy series horizontal lathe,Z3080 type x 25 radial drilling machine,High-speed drilling machine,The curve of CNC cutting machine,BODA4 * 12 series CNC flame plasma cutting machine,5m vertical lathe and other large processing equipment;There are 100 tons and 5 tons and so on various tonnage models of the 48 sets of driving;At the same time the company also have their own research and development,Create a full-featured universal W11NC - 380/480 * 3500 three-roller plate,Plate bending rolls, W11S100 W11S150-4000-3200 machine,JB50-4000 machine,YJ - 8000 tons of hydraulic bending machine,YC - 1200 tons of hydraulic press,700 kw - electric furnace,4 * 3.5 * 12 meters of natural gas furnace and other advanced production equipment,Is now the biggest thickness 380 mm rolling(480 mm hot rolled plate thickness).

About us         Jiangyin Shuangma Heavy Industry Equipment Co.,ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary,Is located in jiangyin xu xiake town industrial park,diffused road no. 8,Logistics unobstructed,The transportation is convenient,has a unique geographical advantage and development space.
        Double horse thermal mainly industrial furnace equipment production, installation and commissioning of professional manufacturers,mechanical, thermal, electrical, automation control and so on various professional senior technical personnel,With a strong industrial furnace equipment design and r&d capability.Company with many well-known in domestic and foreign industrial furnace design institute cooperation,Construction of metallurgy, non-ferrous, petrochemical and other large and medium-sized industrial furnace project.
        Companies in "quality, integrity, win-win" strategic guidance,customer service oriented,people-oriented as the core,in order to build perfect modern enterprise system to support,to "do a project, a monument tree" as quality policy,the spirit of culture as the essence of the corporate culture,set up system culture, behavior culture and material culture.So that the "double horse person" cohesion, centripetal force, the unprecedented vitality and core competitive power enhancement.
        Double horse thermal will under the leading of double horse heavy industry,To keep pace with The Times, the pursuit of endless,Comprehensive implementation "the optimization process, accurate arrangement, strengthen management, casting the high-quality goods project,To ensure the win-win cooperation "the management policy, wholeheartedly for the general user services.
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